Commercial Cleaning Services in Brampton

MWAC is a leading commercial cleaning services provider in Brampton. We make it straightforward for food processing and handling businesses to comply with strict regulatory requirements with a full suite of industrial janitorial services tailored to your priorities.

Our food plant hygiene experts are licensed industry authorities with many years of experience and a passion for protecting the health and safety of consumers. Ask us what we’ll do to personalize our arsenal of disinfection and sanitation services to meet the highest industry standards and save you time and money.

Reach us at (905) 846-7796 to set up a risk-free initial consultation to learn more about what makes our food safety cleaning specialists the right choice for the job.

Explore Our Cost-Effective Commercial Cleaning Services

Our Janitorial Cleaning Services Help You Stay Compliant With Industry Regulations

Many laws affect the way food processing plants conduct business. To navigate this complex terrain, you need to partner with a janitorial cleaning services provider who stays up-to-date with them all. That’s where our dedicated cleaning crews shine. Our seasoned experts know all the ins and outs of keeping industrial facilities like yours spotless.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Regular deep cleanings
  • Personalized disinfection services
  • Floor cleaning and maintenance
  • Equipment and machinery cleaning
  • Waste collection
  • …and more!

You can count on our licensed professionals to help you identify and resolve problem areas and create customized sanitation schedules and processes that are just right for the size of your space and the level of production that happens in any given area.

We know your standards for excellence are high. That is why the cleaners on our team set theirs even higher. To work with a full-service cleaning company such as ours, call us at your convenience.


When you put your business’s commercial floor care in our qualified hands, you can expect us to take the lead in keeping your business compliant with strict health and safety legislation. We go above and beyond to ensure your floors remain clean, free of germs, and devoid of messes and other problems that contribute to slipping hazards and unsafe working conditions.

Whether it’s tackling high-traffic areas and removing stains, developing a cleaning schedule and methods that help prolong the longevity of your floor, or both, we’re your top source for the best in commercial and industrial floor cleaning innovation.

Would you like to learn more about what makes us the best commercial floor cleaners for the job? We invite you to schedule a risk-free consultation to discuss the steps we’ll take to help you keep your commercial industrial facility spotless.


Keeping your commercial floors clean and hazard-free is a smart way to eliminate downtime and comply with safety and health requirements.

Here’s how our floor cleaning contractors can help:

  • Sweeping
  • Mopping
  • Vacuuming
  • Deep cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Spill cleanup
  • Floor disinfection services
  • …and more!

We’re proud to be equipped with all the commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment and products required to meet the unique demands of your facility’s floor cleaning requirements. Would you like to learn more about the cleaning agents and machines we use to eradicate pathogens, contaminants, and dirt?

Phone our team today to reserve an appointment for a zero-obligation initial consultation.


Our commercial disinfection services make it easy for your business to fulfill its obligations to provide a safe and hygienic environment. Whether it’s tackling high-touch surfaces to minimize the spread of germs or deep cleaning commercial equipment to keep your products pathogen and contaminant-free, we’re the trained professionals you can count on for superior service every step of the way. Why risk downtime and penalties for non-compliance when you can work with us to create a commercial disinfection schedule that aligns with your budget?

Our disinfection services include:

  • Hard surface disinfection
  • Specialized equipment cleaning
  • Emergency response disinfection
  • Touchpoint disinfection
  • Breakroom disinfection service
  • Bathroom deep cleaning and disinfection
  • …and much more

Personalize our disinfection cleaning services and capture the most savings with a partner you can trust to use the correct germ-killing methods for the job. Phone our team today to find out what makes us the best choice for keeping your business, products, employees, and customers safe from harmful bacteria, viruses, and contaminants.


Look to us for proven solutions that make taking care of commercial kitchen cleaning a breeze. As long-time industry leaders, we stay updated on all the regulations that govern food service businesses like yours.

Here, you’ll find all the commercial janitorial services you need to tackle:

  • Kitchen floor care
  • Equipment sanitation
  • Food prep surface disinfection
  • Walk-in cooler and freezer cleaning
  • …and more!

We focus on delivering optimal sanitation and disinfection solutions tailored to your business model. Ask us about the methods we’ll use to help you protect your brand’s excellent reputation during a zero-obligation consultation.

Cleaning Buildings, Serving Customers

We care about sanitizing surfaces, but the satisfaction of our clients is also extremely important. From the moment we receive your first call to the second we vacate your premises, you and your concerns will have our full attention. We will address every concern, answer every question, and more.

Upfront Quotes

We believe in providing our clients with whatever knowledge they need to make informed decisions. During the consultation process, we will provide you with information regarding hourly rates, additional services, and more. In our line of work, transparency is essential.

Easy to Schedule Services

Not only do we offer both one-time and scheduled cleaning services, but we also let you set the schedule. We offer flexible daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning services. With our adjustable cleaning options, you’ll get nothing less than the service you want.

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Don’t think of our commercial cleaners as hired hands. Think of us as fellow community members invested in the continued health and safety of your establishment and its patrons. For competitively pressed and customizable cleaning services, work with Brampton’s most respected commercial cleaning company.

Our phone number is (905) 846-7796 and we cannot wait to work with you.