It seems that almost daily there is a recall, or warning from the Canadian Food inspection agency, about food that has been recalled due to some sort of contamination.

As a business owner producing meat, dairy, vegetable, fruit or ready to eat products, it is imperative that you protect your brand. This is done by ensuring your Food Plant Sanitation protocols exceed 110%.

Visually clean is not enough, gone are the days when meat processing plants could rely on sight, touch and smell to determine cleanliness of their food process plant. Now, they need to be microbiologically clean-meaning; they must be free of microbial pathogens. This is only guaranteed with proper cleaning processes that you can only get from a cleaning company like MWAC, who ensure have proven techniques using heat intervention, micro aerosol fogging, chemicals, water temperatures, water pressure and detergents, that sanitize the food processing plant from the ceiling to the drainage system.

Proper sanitation is not a onetime process, it take time. To meet todays standards, food processing plants cannot just shut down for two hours and expect a thorough cleaning, and that is simply not enough time for effective sanitation. The process can take up to five hours, and by cutting even 30 minutes off a routine for production, could be the difference between a positive audit, plant shutdown or worse.

Don't just clean in the obvious places. It is important to understand the potential hotspots in your facility. This is particularly important for food plants that were originally built for other purposes and can be difficult to access often harboring bacteria. Drains, high level lighting and other nooks and crannies cannot be overlooked, and require special attention.

Protect your brand, hire the professionals that will ensure the safety of your customers.

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