Mold sends off an automatic warning signal in our heads. We see green, we don't eat it. But what about bacteria we can't see? Your bread could be making you sick and you'd never even know. Unfortunately, bakeries and their products can be easily contaminated in both ways. Because of this, the industry has been highlighted in the past few years due to food safety and recall issues. A bakery's cleaning process needs to be rigorous and an effective sanitation program is essential.

In bakeries, the dough is often transported around the facility on a conveyor belt. What happens is dough falls off these conveyors and into the mechanisms. Not only can this interfere with the equipment's ability to function, but dough contains moisture which quickly turns into mold if not dealt with. As it grows, it can produce allergens (the #1 reason for bakery recalls) and irritants. Exposure to mold can cause health effects and certain types can even produce harmful airborne toxins, endangering the safety of both workers and customers.

Areas used to export food waste are often an afterthought. The issue is that these areas have a high potential of serving as a pathogen and microbial activity entry point if not maintained properly. In addition, there's been a growing awareness of toxin-producing microorganisms that could grow in some doughs and batters that aren't eliminated in the oven. All this results in contaminated products with no visual giveaway and consumers falling ill, a situation that could be avoided with proper sanitation.

These incidents can cost your business time, money, reputation, and the safety of your customers. Hiring MWAC ensures your bakery is completely clean and safe beyond industry standards. Their staff is trained and specialized experts, so why waste precious time attempting to train your workers in an entirely different industry than what they already know? Preventing recalls and properly maintaining equipment by hiring professionals will save you way more money than sticking with in-house cleaning. And obviously, nobody wants their facility to be known as the source of a foodborne illness.

Written by Sara Giroux grade 11 co-op student at RAM Media Video and Social Media

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