Thanks to access to more information on the internet and social media, food industry professionals are more educated and informed than ever before. What does that mean for your food plant facility?

It means you must take action and be prepared to defend your food safety plan if you become subject to an audit.

Without proper safe guards, and documentation of your food plant sanitation, how will you be able to prove that you are in complete control and are being proactive against food safety hazards?

To determine your knowledge or to create you plan ask yourself the following questions.

  • If you manage a food plant, ask yourself the following questions:
  • When asked about your food plant sanitation do you answer with I'm not sure? Or what do you mean?
  • That's the way we have always been doing things.
  • Our customers asked us to do it that way.
  • That's what our last auditor recommended
  • We make a low-risk product.

The following article will provide you with tips to help you avoid a dangerous, even detrimental situation.

Successfully doing so could be the difference between a routine audit and a recall.”

MWAC is a family owned business established in 1992 that has achieved and maintained very high standards through building professional and ongoing working partnerships with our clients. The owners play an active role in the day-to-day operations of the organization and have a total of 45 years of experience in Poultry/Slaughter/Processing and RTE Facility; a significant portion of that experience is in the Poultry Processing with the most senior owner having over 20 years, with Maple Lodge one of the largest family owned chicken slaughter processing facilities in Canada as a Sanitation Supervisor.