Each year, 1 in 8 Canadians gets sick from contaminated food. Resulting in hospitalizations and even death. For the safety of their customers along with the success and reputation of their business, food safety needs to be these facilities' number one priority. MWAC provides you with the backbone of every food safety program: sanitation.

MWAC is a family-run commercial food sanitation business that also offers janitorial services, founded in 1992 by the Pereira brothers. As students, they worked part-time at Maple Lodge Farms where their father was the sanitation supervisor. He was able to pass down his knowledge and experience from working in this industry for over 20 years to his sons. It was in this job that they saw the need for a third-party contract sanitation service in the Greater Toronto Area.

Being a family-run business, there is a uniquely strong bond of trust and passion shared between all three brothers. They manage MWAC with an astounding level of commitment. Every day they're involved within the company, from start to finish. Whether it be day or night, the Pereira brothers are there to support their team.

Not many people, including some in the food industry, realize just how critical it is for food facilities to be absolutely pristine. Microorganisms that cause foodborne illnesses are practically invisible and the only way to ensure everyone is safe and healthy is with deep cleaning. For a majority of their clients, MWAC goes in to clean 5-7 days a week. Their processes are rigorous and all their staff receives innovative training. Proper and safe sanitation is of the highest importance to this company, it's their livelihood.

With their expertise, it's not hard to believe they've gotten busier in the pandemic.

The disinfection practices for COVID-19 are ones they've been following in the food industry for the past 30 years. For example, they've been micro-aerosol fogging to reduce microbial contamination and improve the quality of air in many facilities for many years. MWAC's knowledge and skills have given them the ability to help industries that had outbreaks and staff infected with the virus so that they can safely get back to work.