It is not uncommon for food processing plants, to think they can handle their own food plant sanitation. However, in some cases that is possible with good training and staff, but, in most cases in-house cleaning is not effective. While, it might seem cost effective to do it yourself, with the big picture in mind, is it really?

There is a saying; work on your business not in your business. Spend your time doing what you are good at, and let someone else spend their time doing what they are good at.

If you need more convincing about the importance of hiring a third-party commercial cleaner, we have provided some key points that will support why a company like MWAC is the answer to your food plant sanitation strategy.

Cleanliness Standards

When you hire a company like MWAC, your cleanliness standards increase over 100%. What does that mean? Our business is deep cleaning. Our trained and specialized staff, know how to do it properly. They understand the needs of your business, so they can create the right strategy to ensure that your business is cleaned exceeding industry standards. We get into places that your staff may not even know exists. Not to mention, we have everything you need to ensure all safety protocols are met.

Time Better Spent

Your time is money. The time that you spend organizing and training your staff to clean is time that costs, and time that you can't get back to work on the things that you are good at. Utilizing a company like MWAC, allows you to save your time, and in the end will give your company more time, because doing it the right way prevents recalls and other costly, time consuming mistakes.

Faster Turnover

Unfortunately, in the food plant processing industry, companies experience higher turn-over. This can be a costly issue, because after training your staff on cleaning procedures, they may leave your company, causing you to start all over again. Employee retention is not your worry when you hire a company like MWAC. You don't have to worry about training and retraining staff on proper cleaning procedures and then worrying if they know what they are doing. That's our job!

Professional Experience to Avoid the Hassle.

Let's face it, we all have a job to do. You know your job and so do we. Your employees are great at what they do, but cleaning is not a job that you should risk with employees who may not be trained in that industry. We make cleaning our job. We keep up to date on industry standards and training, and it's the little things that make all the difference. Cleaning in all those hard to reach places, and using equipment that is specialized to the process. A unclean business affects your business, it affects your bottom line, but more importantly it affects your customers. that a potential customer could notice.

You'll Save Money in the Long Run

While you may think doing it yourself will save you money, what happens if you have a recall in your plant?

A recall can cost you thousands not to mention the damage it can do to your reputation.

Keeping your plant well maintained and safe extends the longevity of your equipment, tools and plant.

Remember your time is money.

Do You Need a Food Safety Partner?

MWAC can be your food safety partner. We take food safety and protecting YOUR brand and YOUR customers seriously. Our dedicated and trained team work along-side the owners and are committed to ensuring YOUR production floor is a safe wholesome environment; we guarantee on-time delivery.

With over 50 years in the Commercial Food Plant Sanitation Industry, our business is built on our reputation of quality service and we are proud of the fact that we have grown, fundamentally through referrals. Our experiences are diverse, with a portfolio of experiences ranging from food plant sanitation, janitorial services, supermarkets, retail, commercial, industrial warehousing and office cleaning.