When a customer enters, a retail establishment or restaurant first impressions are critical. Clean environments feel more welcoming and influence your businesses reputation.

Is the establishment clean enough? Does it meet health and safety standards? Moreover, finally, is the food that I will consume be safe for my family and me?

Many businesses attempt to do the cleaning themselves to save money, or they may opt into hiring a temporary agency, thinking that the process will be short-term. However, there are many benefits to hiring a Commercial cleaning service.

Here, we will share with you the top five reasons you should hire MWAC as your Commercial cleaning business.


Commercial cleaning businesses have well trained employees. All MWAC employees have proper training; WHIMS, MSDS, Ladder Safety, Chemical Spill Response and Clean Up, First Aid and adhere to Canadian Food Inspection Agency protocols. This training as well as, accreditations and certifications ensure that our customers are protected. Customer service is also emphasized by our company to our employees, to ensure they are providing the most professional and pleasant experience for all our customers.

Higher Quality of Cleaning Services

Cleaning your establishment properly is not something that you should take lightly. Because cleaning is the expertise of a Commercial cleaning business, they have the most current and professional cleaning equipment and products available and exceptional sanitation practices. Their staff are well trained and educated on current legislations and procedures, so your establishment is guaranteed to be efficiently cleaned and will be healthy for your customers and your staff.

Consistency and Scheduling

There are many advantages of hiring Commercial cleaning company vs a temporary agency, but the most important; is you will always have consistency in your cleaning schedule. It is only human, that employees fall sick or have to deal with unforeseen emergencies. However, when this happens what happens to your cleaning schedule?

Commercial cleaning companies such as MWAC, however, consist of trained cleaners; if one of the team cannot make it that day, another team member can step in and do the job so you are never left hanging. In addition, if you have a tight schedule and require a job done in a shorter period, a cleaning company can provide extra staff to get the job done in the time you need.

Save Money

Having a consistent Commercial cleaning company is very cost-effective. Commercial cleaners because of their training and experience can clean your establishment in a shorter amount of time, while still being thorough. Also, if you are think of doing it yourself, consider the amount of time and energy you will have to put into maintaining a clean establishment. Do you enjoy this aspect of your business? Another advantage to hiring professionals is that your business will be cleaned on a daily or weekly basis. Leaving you more time to do the things you enjoy. Remember your time has a value as well.

Keep your employees healthy

Your work environment should not only be healthy for your customers, but also for your employees. A Commercial cleaning company can directly result in employees being more productive because their environment is also clean. Since most bacteria thrive in business environments, proper cleaning will eliminate this.