It's more important than ever to make sure workspaces are squeaky clean, especially ones dealing with food.

Too often businesses rely on in-house cleaning when staff isn't properly trained. Specialized skills and deep cleaning are required to keep equipment running and to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Utilizing a company like MWAC saves you time and in turn, saves you money.

Sanitation is the backbone of any effective food safety program. How many people think about cleaning the vents? Or the ceiling? When working with food, it's not enough to simply clean the working surfaces and the floor. Microorganisms, including virus particles, can continue to live on the ceiling and in the vents if not taken care of.

MWAC understands the needs of your business and knows exactly where and how to clean. By handling your own sanitation without professional help, you put your business at risk for product contamination, recalls, as well as the wellbeing of your staff and customers.

Outsourcing is the most reliable way to keep machinery in good condition. The equipment used in the food industry is varied and complex, and the sanitation routine needs to reflect that. Chances are, you'd have to spend time organizing and training your staff to clean. How do you expect top-quality work when they have to learn entirely new skills and intricate procedures on top of the job they're originally there to do?

In this case, it's best to leave it to the pros. Cleaning is our profession, it's our job to know all these things as trained experts.

Let us do our job so that you can continue doing yours.

Speaking of quality work, outsourcing allows you to focus on manufacturing and productivity. Training is time-consuming and drains resources. Moreover, inefficient sanitation can result in production delays and quality issues. When you hire a company like MWAC, you can rest easy knowing that your sanitation is being taken care of and your facility is the best possible environment to work in. With our help, you can put all your attention towards making amazing products and growing your business.

Do You Need a Food Safety Partner?

MWAC can be your food safety partner. We take food safety and protecting YOUR brand and YOUR customers seriously. Our dedicated and trained teamwork alongside the owners and are committed to ensuring YOUR production floor is a safe wholesome environment; we guarantee on-time delivery.

With over 50 years in the Commercial Food Plant Sanitation Industry, our business is built on our reputation of quality service and we are proud of the fact that we have grown, fundamentally through referrals. Our experiences are diverse, with a portfolio of experiences ranging from food plant sanitation, janitorial services, supermarkets, retail, commercial, industrial warehousing, and office cleaning.

Blog written by Sara Giroux is a grade 11 co-op student from the Toronto District School Board. She has a love for writing and is looking to explore a career in journalism."